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Our Mission

Elise Capital contributes in the closing of the economic wealth gap in America by empowering and educating through ownership of hotel real estate. 

We provide opportunities for wealth generation while educating on financial literacy by acquiring hotels and developing a strong network pool adding diversity to ownership within the industry. 

Core Values


Founded on entrepreneurial principles, Elise Capital transforms assets by adding value through the implementation of thoughtful, innovative, strategies.


Our team applies our industry intellect in critically analyzing investment opportunities, yielding strong return on investment potential for our partners.


Elise Capital upholds integrity as a transparent network consistently disclosing information to our partners showcasing their investment performance.


We strive to build a community of partners fusing diversity into ownership within the industry.


Founder/Managing Partner

As Founder/Managing Partner, Kendra Plummer boasts an expansive background within the hotel sector of the commercial real estate industry. Over the past six years Ms. Plummer has rotated through the operations, asset management and acquisitions/development functions of the industry with experiences having led her to managing the transactions of commercial real estate acquisitions valued at over $5 billion throughout her career. Experienced in both management and private equity firms, Ms. Plummer managed the acquisitions/disposition process related to deal sourcing, underwriting, due diligence, negotiations and investment closing.


Serving on the boards of the African American Real Estate Professionals, American Hotel & Lodging Association as well as the National Association of Black Hotel Owners, Operators and Developers, Ms. Plummer proves to be a leader in the industry as she continues to develop strategic partners and gain market intelligence.  Ms. Plummer holds a B.Sc. in Tourism & Hospitality Management from Temple University and an MBA from University of Miami. 

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